Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Each package contains 4 servings with no added preservatives, or chemicals, made from scratch and keep frozen.

o   Minestrone soup (One recipe from the past that will be your personal favorite, the mixed vegetables and spices are out of this world) $12
o   Spicy bean soup (Beans and vegetables mixed with spices that will make you think you’re in Mexico) $12
o   Poblano chili chowder (Seasoned with chile poblanos, this chowder is out of this world) $12
o   Clam chowder soup (This classic will take you directly to New Orleans) $18
o   Taco soup (With a perfect combination of meat, beans and spices, this will be your family favorite) $15
o   Chicken tortilla soup (Chicken, tomatoes and spices makes a delicious, warm soup. $14 

o   Pozole  (This typical Mexican dish combines traditional ingredients such as hominy, green chiles, garlic, onions and a mix of spices that give it  a delicious flavor) $12
o   Fabada (This traditional Spanish meat and bean dish combines chorizo and sausages that are slowly simmered along with some spices). $12
o   Pineapple pork (A very easy and delicious way to cook pork chops with a sweet, but not too sweet, sauce combined with onions and pineapple) $16
o   Pulled Pork Barbecue (Pork roast, onions, and an unique barbeque sauce that will become one of your favorite dishes) $12

o   Teriyaki chicken thighs (This is incredibly tender and flavorful, it falls apart on your fork and melts in your mouth.) $12
o   Chicken Philly sandwich (Packed with flavor from a simple mix of chicken and vegetables, these Chicken Philly Sandwiches will quickly become an unforgettable family meal.) $12
o   Mexican chicken (This dish has chicken, beans, corn and red sauce that take your mouth to heaven) $14
o   Peanut sauce chicken (Chicken, peanuts, tomatoes and a hint of chili fill this unique and exquisite dish) $12
Italian chicken (The chicken, mushrooms, zucchini, garlic and herbs in this meal will turn any ordinary dinner into an extra ordinary dinner) $12

o   Meat loaf (This is a very moist dish cooked with onions, green peppers, and some spices) $13
o   Balsamic Roast beef (Mixed with spices that burst with flavor, this typical dinner is transformed into a delicious dish accompanied with flavor filled potatoes) $20
o   Pepper stew (If you like peppers, onions, and garlic, then this is going to be your next favorite meal) $15
o   Beef stew (This stew is filled with beef, carrots, potatoes, and celery. It is seasoned with some exquisite spices) $17
o   Barbeque beef (Once you add this dish to your family dinner, your weekly barbeques won’t be so far from home) $20

o   Beach fish (With Red snapper fish, this meal is full of flavor. It has a mix of olives, onions, red pepper and parsley, are semi-baked to flaky perfection) $15
o   Bacalao (A delicious codfish cooked with golden raisins, capers, and roasted red peppers, then simmered in a white wine tomato sauce)$15
o   Tomatoes with Salmon (Little packets with salmon, tomatoes shallots and spices are semi-baked and give a tremendous flavor to your pallets) $18
o   Mustard catfish (This fish is semi-baked with onions, mustard and wine concentrate) $12
o   Tuna cakes (These healthy slow cookin’ patties are perfect for a meal on the go) $12
o   Crab cakes (A perfect combination of crabmeat and peppers and onions that together make the perfect crab cake) $12

o   Mediterranean stew (Butternut squash, eggplant, zucchini, okra, carrots and tomatoes are the heart of this stew) $15
o   Italian beans (Navy beans with a perfect hint of Mediterranean herbs  will make your mouth water) $12
o   Vegan chili (A mix of beans, tomatoes, peppers and spices that will make everyone  ask for seconds) $12
o   Lentil sloppy Joe (This too good to be true meatless sloppy joe is something your family will crave for) $12
o   Vegetable moussaka (All the Mediterranean vegetables like eggplant, onions, tomatoes, and garbanzo beans combined with spices will make you forget about being ‘‘forced’’ to eat your vegetables) $12
o   Potatoes Parsley (These buttery potatoes with parsley are the perfect companion for any stake) $12
o   Semi-Baked Potatoes (With potatoes, butter, cheese and spices this meal will change how you see everyday baked potatoes) $12

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